Build with Rob
January 24, 2022

Relentlessly Seeking Clarity to Build Belief and Achieve Success

Rob believes that you should seek clarity on exactly what it is you want to achieve before setting out to achieve it. That clarity will reveal the detailed goals necessary to get there. Breaking those down into smaller, achievable goals builds the belief that you can actually get to the finish line. Over time, the goals become more ambitious, you achieve those, and the belief and confidence grow. Take the time to put energy into defining what it is you want out of life, be it a business, relationship, health, or something else. Only then will every decision you make have a clear purpose and move you forward.

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Patrick MacCausland and Tulsa Talley are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers.

On this episode, Patrick MacCausland wants to change the way recycling works by starting a company he’s calling HalfBack. When you buy bottles and cans, you’re paying a few cents extra that you never get back by putting them on the curb. Patrick wants to pick them up for you, turn them in for refunds, and give you back 50% of the take. But in this early stage, there are a lot to figure out in the financial model, which Rob walks him through in detail.

Tulsa Talley is the founder of Good Note, a tie dye apparel brand with a positive message. He began making the clothes for himself, and then began selling them. While it’s his full time gig now, he wants to know what 5 steps he should take next to take it up a notch, and Rob has those answers. Not only does Tulsa get great advice, but Rob hits him with a big surprise at the end!