Build with Rob
March 22, 2022

Manifesting What You Want in the Right Way

True manifestation is not sitting around thinking about the things that you want in life and wishing or hoping they come true. It is figuring out in as much detail as possible not only what the things are, but what they look like and feel like. Focusing on those details and allowing your mind and body to be transported forward to a time when these fantasies are reality. According to Rob, who practices an extreme version of manifestation, your body cannot tell the difference between that which you imagine in great detail and that which is actually happening. So, the more you practice detailed manifestation over and over while doing the things necessary to achieve them, the universe will begin to listen.

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Phil Franks, Krista Franks, Jovanna Schlossenberg, and Luther Glover are strokeaspiring Do-Or-Diers

Our first guests, Phil and Krista Franks, comprise Owl & Key, a platform they designed to help individuals and groups to recognize what they want out of life and set a path to achieve it. Their book, Strategic Planning for Life, is a step-by-step guide to designing a life with intention. They’re looking to Rob for answers on consciously scaling their company through business and individual customer acquisition, as well as how to navigate business as a couple.

Jovanna Schlossenberg is our next guest, and she’s brought her friend (and arguably Kansas City’s top trainer) Luther Glover along for the ride. Jovanna is launching her “tri-level reading” book series Jojo Knows, which customizes each story for 3 different age groups. Jovanna is looking for ways to open additional reading centers while keeping her business and personal relationships strong. Luther is looking to give himself more bandwidth for networking and servicing his big clients, like the Kansas City Chiefs' star wideout Tyreek Hill.


Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs
August 16, 2021

Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Another group of hungry, relentless entrepreneurs proved their merit by submitting detailed pitch videos with their experience and ideas for the chance to Build With Rob. While they may not be exact fits for the Dyrdek Machine’s hyper-specific criteria (see: EP01 Welcome to the Machine) for creating a company, Rob still believes all of these founders have what it takes to be successful and wants to lend his unique point-of-view to help them keep pushing forward to achieve their dreams.