Build with Rob
October 18, 2021

Should I go to college or start a company? (UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Edition)

Rob didn’t go to college. In fact, he dropped out of high school and became a professional skateboarder. While his journey to entrepreneurship is a unique one, so is yours. The simple fact is, the more knowledge you have, the fewer mistakes you make, and the clearer your path to success. While there is no substitute for experience, education can bridge gaps and accelerate proactive learnings. Without formal schooling, it’s on you to educate yourself in all facets of business—seek out answers, ask the right questions, and learn what you don’t know as fast as possible. No matter your level of education when you begin your first company, it’s still going to be trial by fire to some extent.

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Highlighted TextJeff Gum and Tori Brodsky are UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Program Entrepreneurs.

Jeff Gum is a former Navy SEAL who drew inspiration for his company, Sunga Life, from his travels to Brazil and military workout gear. He’s currently on track to top $1million in swimwear sales in 2021.

Tori Brodsky is a nutritionist by education who takes hydration very seriously, especially when you drink alcohol. She created DrinkLyte, which delivers medical-grade hydration in two delicious flavors, one for the end of the night and one for the next morning, to stave off those nasty hangovers.