Build with Rob
February 21, 2022

Evolution is the Key to Success. Reflection is the Key to Evolution

No matter what your experiences are in business and in life, there are lessons to be learned. From pain and failure, learnings can arise and inform future actions and thinking. From positive outcomes, learnings can be identified and applied to other parts of your existence. So, no matter your type of experience, positive, negative or neutral, reflecting on the reasons for each particular outcome will lead you to evolve over time. And with evolution, becoming a better and better version of yourself, comes success and, more importantly, happiness.

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Jared Gold and Devin Dwyer are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers.

In this episode, Jared Gold sent Rob a cold email asking him to take part in a book that he’s writing about the habits of successful people. So, of course, Rob invited him onto the show to talk about it, where he gave Jared some advice on how to better approach people like himself for the project. He also gave Jared to come back with a brand new pitch and left the door open to not only take part in the project but help him get others as well. Not only all that, but Rob helped Jared remain true to his vision of what the book should ultimately be. Follow Jared’s book progress here.

Devin Dwyer has a number of talents. He’s a rapper, director, videographer, editor, and drone operator. He’s been doing video work for free in order to make connections and build his reel, but now it’s time to turn his talents into a real business. Rob provides some advice to help him take the next step into real entrepreneurship, as well as helping him reframe how he thinks about balancing work with spending time with his young son.