Build with Rob
February 14, 2022

Designing and Integrating Your Life and Business Visions to Find True Success

Your ideal life vision should be in lockstep with your business vision. They should be designed together, integrated, and grown together until you are successful on all fronts simultaneously, not just at work. As an entrepreneur, the path is clear: create a product that doesn’t exist (vision), put together a plan, and execute the plan to grow the business. Most people don’t necessarily think of their life this way, with happiness, fulfillment and balance being products of a well thought out plan. But Rob suggests if you can just evolve your thinking, you can have it all.

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Jacob Mclaughlin and Majfred Memetaj strokeare aspiring Do-Or-Diers

Build With Rob’s first return guest! Jacob Mclaughlin appeared on Episode 22, talking about an idea he had for a real estate app that allowed realtors to bid on listings. It was called Zollu at the time, which Rob suggested was way too close to Zillow. Rob also made suggestions on how the business model could be improved by focusing more on providing value to the sellers. Well, Jacob took Rob’s advice and is back on the show with SMIRC, the latest incarnation of his idea with Rob’s suggested tagline: “Never give away your listing again.” Watch Jacob and Rob’s first conversation.

Then, Majfred Memetaj wants to create a community around freestyle soccer with his platform, Flowstil. He wants to expand adoption of the sport while providing resources and skill sharing to help interested parties increase their abilities and meet like minded individuals. Rob sees an opportunity for him to piggyback on traditional soccer through competitions, as well as creating products specifically for the freestyle soccer market.


Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs
August 16, 2021

Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Another group of hungry, relentless entrepreneurs proved their merit by submitting detailed pitch videos with their experience and ideas for the chance to Build With Rob. While they may not be exact fits for the Dyrdek Machine’s hyper-specific criteria (see: EP01 Welcome to the Machine) for creating a company, Rob still believes all of these founders have what it takes to be successful and wants to lend his unique point-of-view to help them keep pushing forward to achieve their dreams.