Build with Rob
June 27, 2022

You Are Never Too Young To Start A Company

Entrepreneurialism has no age. Whether you’re 10 or 18 or 75, it’s never too early or late to start a company. Whether your first venture is successful or not, you will learn so much that your next shot will have an even higher chance of making it. Rob started his first company when he was 18 years old, Orion trucks. He went out and signed the biggest skateboarders in the world to be a part of his company. And yet, he made very little money. Why? Inexperience. He allowed himself to be taken advantage of, and in this episode he shares the biggest lessons he learned.

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Alana Andrews is aHighlighted Text Do-Or-Dier

Rob is joined by Alana Andrews, an 18 year-old entrepreneur herself who is an incredibly impressive founder. She has created SWEY, a more health-conscious sports drink by gen-Z, for gen-z while still in high school. She’s also an author, a speaker, and a philanthropist. She’s looking for advice on communicating her product’s core value proposition and differentiation in the market, as well as maximizing her many amazing initiatives at the same time.