Build with Rob
January 17, 2022

Mastering Your Thoughts to Create More Positive Experiences

There are two states of mind that are not useful to becoming successful or living an amazing life. The first is Dwelling, which is a passive state that provides no current or future value. The second is Hoping and/or Wishing, a state that, while more fun in the moment, creates the same passivity and stagnation of dwelling. Neither of these mental states offer any positive momentum, and thus should be avoided. Live instead in states of Experiencing or Creating the future.

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Ryan Sullivan and Dusty Pierson are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers

Podcaster, rapper and producer Ryan Sullivan joins the show. He launched his company, Podcast Principles, to create podcasts for individuals trying to expand their personal brands. Like many businesses, Ryan faces the challenge of scaling, meaning getting more clients and hiring and training a team. And how does he balance that with all of his other passion projects?

Dusty Pierson created an innovative mobile phone grip device with his college-aged son called Bandit. An engineer by trade, Dusty figured out the manufacturing and they were off. The father-son duo are now looking for advice on how to get to that next level and increase sales. Rob has some simple, effective thoughts to up their game.