Build with Rob
November 27, 2023

You Have the Gift of Creation

Sometimes people think of creativity as the realm of writers and painters and the like. Actually, we are creating no matter what we do, at every moment of our existence. In this episode Rob Dyrdek goes deep and breaks down the profound implications of that. How, whether through action or inaction, we create the present moment we find ourselves in. As it turns out, that truth carries with it a great deal of power and a message of hope that no matter our situation, better moments are just a simple change away…

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Rob Dyrdek is a Highlighted TextDo-Or-Dier.

Rob Dyrdek is a prolific entrepreneur, and entertainer who’s found success in every arena he’s endeavored. Rob’s secret, whether skateboarding on the world’s biggest stage or performing for millions on camera has always been a steady combination of relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief. This extends to the consistent through-line of Rob’s unique career, and his single greatest passion, entrepreneurship. Rob believes there is no greater joy than turning an idea into a thriving business.