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Build With Rob is a business show that gives you an inside look at Rob Dyrdek’s process for Manufacturing Amazing. Follow along as Rob and his Do-Or-Dier co-founder partners bring their visions to life.

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Build with Rob
August 08, 2022

When to Pivot in Life

Build With Rob - Episode 62

We set goals and work hard to achieve them every day, so it’s no wonder we become attached to both our goals and the processes by which we work toward them. But the world around us is chaotic and ever changing, so there is no way to continue to navigate the obstacles and challenges in your path without being highly adaptive. This is true of any goal in business or in life, and the same commitment to recognizing when a pivot is necessary applies. As you pursue any goal, the world changes, and you change. Take that into account and don’t be afraid to evolve both your strategy and the goal itself as need be to stay on track. A pivot does not mean you have failed at your original vision. It means you are smart enough to know the definition of success is fluid.