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Build With Rob is a business show that gives you an inside look at Rob Dyrdek’s process for Manufacturing Amazing. Follow along as Rob and his Do-Or-Dier co-founder partners bring their visions to life.

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Build with Rob
November 28, 2022

Seek Financial Harmony, Not Financial Freedom

Build With Rob - Episode 77

You can be wealthy and still not have financial harmony. This was the situation Rob found himself in, where he made money, but also spent money and felt the pressure of needing to continue to grind to continuously make more and more. It was when he designed and implemented the financial system he still operates on today that that pressure was relieved and he was truly able to work smarter rather than harder. Financial freedom comes back to security. The security of not having to work anymore if you don’t want to. But the tendency as you make more is to spend more because you can. However, if you set clear goals and have a financial framework in place, you can achieve the harmony that ultimately leads to the freedom you seek. In this episode, Rob details how he was able to achieve this harmony and lays out a roadmap for you to do the same.