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Build With Rob is a business show that gives you an inside look at Rob Dyrdek’s process for Manufacturing Amazing. Follow along as Rob and his Do-Or-Dier co-founder partners bring their visions to life.

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Build with Rob
January 30, 2023

The Journey to Self-Mastery

Build With Rob - Episode 84

Make no mistake, it is truly a decision. It’s you drawing a line in the sand and deciding that from now on, your primary purpose will be to take control of every aspect of your life and drive them all toward your ultimate self. Mastering your own reality, your own being. Controlling your own wants, your needs, and your actions. Rob is here in this episode to tell you the cold hard fact that no one else is going to save you. No one is ever going to take an action or give you information that will magically help you live your best possible life. It’s entirely up to you, and committing to self-mastery is the very first step on a long and rewarding journey of discovery, design, and optimization that can ultimately lead to the very best version of your existence.