Build with Rob
March 28, 2022

Every Single Thing You Do Matters

When we make a big decision, we typically contemplate how the outcome will affect everything else in our life. But it’s the small decisions we don’t put as much emphasis on that end up having an outsized effect. This is due to the compounding nature of small decisions on your health, mindset, emotional state, and energy. One small decision influences the next small decision, rippling out over time and contributing either positively or negatively to your life.

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Bryan Guadagno, Shaun Oshman and Jess Candelaria are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers.

In this episode, Bryan Guadagno, the founder of It’s Skinny pasta has created a way for people to enjoy a bowl of pasta in 2 minutes with only 9 calories per bag. The secret is Konjac, a plant that has been historically used in Asian cuisine but hasn’t caught the attention of the mass market in the U.S. He knows his product is great, but he wants advice on how to continue to stand out both on the shelf and online.

Then, life and business partners Shaun Oshman and Jess Candelaria have built Helmet Flair, which allows anyone wearing a helmet for any reason to spice it up with their own personality. They attach flush magnets to the helmet itself and offer a wide range of horns, cat ears and other such delights to snap on and off based on the customer’s mood. The company is growing well, but they want to know if they should continue on their organic trajectory or take on investment for a high growth model.