Build with Rob
November 01, 2021

Learn Enough About All Aspects of Your Business to Guide Those with Specific Expertise

There may be aspects of your business you don’t understand. There may be parts that make you cringe. But you still have to learn as much as you can about them. You have to understand how all aspects of the business relate to your overall vision. Only then, should you hire people with more specific expertise. At that point, you will be able to guide them to help you realize your ultimate vision, as opposed to waiting for them to figure out what that vision really is. Rob talks to three entrepreneurs on the show today.

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Highlighted TextChristi Mason, Danny Darnell, and Jerame Hawkins are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Ohio native, Christi Mason, is a mom whose child’s toys always seem to end up on the ground. That’s why she created a prototype for the TableTopper. A unique device that attaches to tables to keep all of a kid’s stuff clean and accessible. But she’s wondering how important it is to perfect the prototype before trying to go to market.

Danny Darnell is a certified drone pilot who wants to create a platform to connect marketers and FAA certified drone pilots. Rob can’t believe that the global market for drones is currently $100billion on its way to $500billion, but it is. But Danny has no experience in building software, so what does he do?

Jerame Hawkins created his Rescue Signaling Kit after seeing people trapped and unable to signal for help after hurricanes. A single kit brings together just about every method of signaling you could need, but Rob encourages him to move toward whitespace.