Build with Rob
January 31, 2022

The Process of Learning, Evolving and Growing in Any New Endeavor

In business or in life, when you step out of your comfort zone to try something new, it is always harder in the beginning. You lack practice, you lack clarity, you lack experience. As time goes on, with dedication to creating a process and evolving it over time, you will get better and better at that thing until it’s easy. Rob shares his experience in creating his MTV show Ridiculousness, which was difficult and time consuming at first. He details how he committed to making it easier, faster and better over and over until he could shoot six episodes in a day with less effort than one episode required in the beginning.

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Avi Rubin and Cody Hankins are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers

Our first guest is Avi Rubin, who created a natural soap to treat a skin condition and slowly grew it into the boutique brand of Iron Lion. He has a solid and loyal customer base, but is now looking to grow, not necessarily scale, while finding a way to spend more time with his family. Rob offers advice about ways to create more recurring revenue, as well as establish the balance he needs to be the father he wants to be.

Then we have Cody Hankins, who wants to bring the novelty and nostalgia of wax candy bottles (they were called Nik-L-Nips if you can believe it) to the alcohol space. He’s already handmade prototypes and shared them with his friends to great enjoyment, and he thinks they can be a better solution for the environment. However, Cody has no experience in the alcohol space, which Rob knows all too well is littered with landmines. But Rob has a great solution to get Cody started on the right path.