Build with Rob
September 13, 2021

Learn to Love Your Financials and Success Will Follow

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Rob is a creative guy, he’s a passionate guy, and numbers used to make him fall asleep. Presented with a spreadsheet, he would literally nod off. He sought to hire people to “deal” with that part of his businesses, but then realized something crucial: No one is going to care about your business like you are. So he got to work learning the financial side of business, and now financial models make him giddy and he’s been far more successful as a result.

We’ve also got three aspiring Do-Or-Diers that sent in pitch videos. Rob provides some clarity in directing one company to focus their boundless energy. He talks to another about really getting back into the numbers to make his business model work. And works with one to excel in a consumable market.

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Highlighted TextLuke Bockenstette, Kaleb Fossum, Chris Gallardo, and Ahmed Mehboob are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Luke Bockenstette & Kaleb Fossum - Founders of the motivational media company, The Uncommons.

Chris Gallardo - Has a plan to create low-cost inland surf parks.

Amad Mehboob - Created Supreme Beef Jerky, a delicious Halal beef jerky and has big plans for expansion