Build with Rob
April 11, 2022

The Quality of Your Success Matters

Rob is here to tell you that financial success is a huge win, but there’s a lot you can do while building it to ensure that your success is of a high quality. If you’re only chasing the dream, you can get caught in the trap of losing your balance to achieve a goal. When working your way toward the success you ultimately want to create, take all aspects of your life into account. Your time, your energy, your health, and every other thing that gives you purpose and fulfillment. Design your work life and personal life together in an integrated way to ensure balance between them. Only then will the success you find be of the highest quality.

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George Youmans, Cygne Cooper, Evan Quinn, Jose Barrera and Lorel Scott are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-DiersHighlighted Text.

We get three for one on this episode with George Youmans, Cygne Cooper, and Evan Quinn from Hiyo, an adaptogenic social beverage. While non-alcoholic, the blend of ingredients in Hiyo provides a sensation the founders like to call “The Float”. They’re trying to disrupt socialization itself by introducing a healthy and relaxing alternative to booze. As an early-stage startup, they have big ideas, but want advice on how to deploy their capital for maximum return.

Then Jose Barrera and Lorel Scott join Rob as the founders of StartupStarter, a business education studio working with global brands and individuals alike to teach entrepreneurship at scale. They’ve got momentum, but now they’re looking to leverage it in order to scale up even faster.