Build with Rob
September 06, 2021

Lead With a Concise Financial Story, Follow up With Your Passion

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

It should be no surprise that investors are putting money into your company in order to realize a return. While your passion and creativity is what got you here, those alone are not going to get you to the next level. You need to tell a clear financial story to your potential investors about how your company will generate them a return. By all means, infuse that story with passion and creativity, but be realistic and concise about the path to liquidity first and foremost.

In the second part of the episode, Rob talks with three aspiring Do-Or-Diers that sent in pitch videos and gives them advice to bolster their entrepreneurial endeavors. In a surprise twist, he has an offer for one of them.

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Highlighted TextThaddeus Lorenz, Joey Atlas, and Spencer Galbreath are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Thaddeus Lorenz - Created an app for remote action sports tournaments called Tourney.

Joey Atlas - Built a custom fitness apparatus and does personal training to gain strength and avoid injury with Sculptafit.

Spencer Galbreath - Launched an apparel brand called Lyfe Connoisseur.