Build with Rob
September 19, 2022

Simplify Your Goals

Your goals should not be too complex. The process of clarifying the path to achieving your vision and breaking it down into realistic major milestones is key to understanding how to get there, building belief as you check them off, and ultimately achieving the goal. This applies to anything you want to pursue in life or in business. Understanding that if you don’t hit the next milestone, there is no next one, and thus no finish line, allows you to focus on the immediate with clear intention. You can then approach the milestone in front of you with more detail, more strategy, and more effort. Like anything, you will get better and better at breaking down your goals over time, identifying the right milestones, optimizing your time to achieve each milestone, and preparing to tackle the next. These milestones may evolve over time, but the more clarity you have about the pathway, the easier it will be to precisely augment them to stay on track.

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Rob Dyrdek is a Highlighted TextDo-Or-Dier

Rob Dyrdek is a prolific entrepreneur, and entertainer who’s found success in every arena he’s endeavored. Rob’s secret, whether skateboarding on the world’s biggest stage or performing for millions on camera has always been a steady combination of relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief. This extends to the consistent through-line of Rob’s unique career, and his single greatest passion, entrepreneurship. Rob believes there is no greater joy than turning an idea into a thriving business.