Build with Rob
March 14, 2022

Achieve Perpetual Success by Systematically Fusing Art, Science and Magic

Rob’s formula for achieving perpetual success: systematically fusing art, science, and magic. A great tagline, yes, but what does it really mean? Well, think of art as starting with you, the creator. The creator of your life, the creator of your business, the creator of every moment of your day. Science is then the ways in which you organize your creations, building systems of living and systems of operating professionally. Finally, the magic comes when art and science are working in harmony. Unseen universal forces that conspire on your behalf to push you in the direction you want to go. Applying these concepts over and over in everything you do, constantly improving and optimizing, a better life is all but inevitable.

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Eric Cruz, Ryan Cruz and Blair Bryngelson are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers.

On this episode, we’ve got the founders of Muvez, Eric and Ryan Cruz, who first burst onto the national radar on an episode of Shark Tank. The primary Muvez product is a shoe with a detachable outsole, which then becomes a slipper, transitioning between inside and outside without ever having to take it off. They’ve found quite a bit of success, but now they’re looking to raise money to scale the business, and Rob has some solid advice for them about the benefits and challenges of taking on venture capital.

Blair Bryngelson is a serial entrepreneur and inventor whose latest product combats the “dead arm” that often results from cuddling one’s partner in bed. It’s called the Spoonie Pillow, and is essentially a pillow that slides onto your arm. He launched a Kickstarter campaign and sold 3,000 units out of the gate. The customers even found more use cases for it than originally intended. Now he’s looking to ramp up as a direct-to-consumer business, but supply chain issues are presenting a challenge. Rob encourages Blair to plug into an existing home goods infrastructure so he can continue to do what he does best and be a great inventor instead of an inexperienced operator.