Build with Rob
April 04, 2022

The Benefits of Waking up 1 Hour Earlier Every Day

Rob uses it to get organized, be more productive, feel more balanced, and make more money. He started by waking up an hour earlier at 5 am every day and understood he got essentially an entire extra workday every week. That equates to 48 extra (7-hour) workdays per year. Then he realized that if he got up 2 hours earlier every day, that additional time doubled. That’s almost 3 months of additional productivity per year. A full quarter! Imagine how much you could get done with that much extra time on your hands. Now set your alarm.

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Sean Boisson, Stephanie Foster, and Scott Foster are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers.

First up is Sean Boisson, founder of Bella Snow soft ale, a delicious low-alcohol beer alternative for people with low tolerances, or who just don’t want the calories or the spins. Based in beautiful Sonoma, CA, Sean and his team are trying to figure out how to identify and fill gaps in knowledge as they work to grow and expand their product line.

Stephanie Foster and her husband Scott created Tiki Liquid Enhancers, travel sized bottles to squirt into your water and provide additional benefits. Their current line-up of products are designed to help you sleep better, give you energy, or give your immune system a boost. Stephanie is trying to find the balance between marketing and maintaining inventory while also wondering how to think about what happens after success.