Build with Rob
December 13, 2021

How to Apply an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Your Life for Greater Success and Happiness

Building a company as an entrepreneur entails having a vision, making a plan to achieve that vision, and then setting goals and achieving them in that direction. It also requires failing, learning, and evolving. Optimizing, automating, and refining. And over time success is achieved or a new chapter must begin. The parallels between building a great business and building a great life are many. And it all starts with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Dyrdek Machine’s philanthropy, the Do-Or-Dier Foundation, supports organizations across the country that teach the entrepreneurial mindset to underrepresented and under-resourced individuals from young people to the formerly incarcerated. This provides them with the tools they need to succeed in both business and life.

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Highlighted TextMyles Weber and Keyser Leepier are Aspiring Do-Or-Diers

In this episode, Myles Weber, a talented stand-up comedian, saw his comedians, musicians, and other creatives isolated during the pandemic and realized there were a lot of therapy resources out there, but no life coaching by people that really understand what they’re going through. So Myles took it upon himself to get his coaching certification and is launching Green Room Talk, a service that provides support to artists by certified fellow artists. Rob suggests a way he can hone his idea even further to open it up to a larger customer base.

Keyser Leepier was tired of always waiting for bartenders to make drinks. He realized bars could be selling a lot more if the bottleneck of the bartender was automated. It was then that he created Sylf, a self-serve cocktail machine. He’s got a plethora of potential use cases for the product, if he could only get the capital raised to create the prototype. Rob shares some strategies to bring on partners and validate the idea before going out to raise a round.