Build with Rob
September 27, 2021

Learn Proactively, Not Reactively for Greater Success

The best CEOs are obsessed with building a holistic vision of their company. While many can alleviate pain points by hiring the right people and empowering them, there is no substitute for understanding every aspect of your business. When something goes wrong and you are forced to learn something from a mistake, that is valuable, but it is also reactive. If you put in the energy to identify your weaknesses and learn those parts of the business proactively, you have a better chance of avoiding those missteps to begin with and accelerating your path toward success.

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Highlighted TextJacob McLaughlin and Parker Alexander are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Jacob McLaughlin is a young real estate broker with an idea to revolutionize qualified leads, but Rob, who has a sister in the business and has bought and sold many properties, spins him toward a higher-end market.

Parker Alexander founded a hat company called Tahoe Heartbeat in his home of Lake Tahoe, and has big plans for expansion, but Rob tells him why he already has the special sauce he needs for wild success.