Build with Rob
June 19, 2023

Are You Using the Present Moment with Purpose?

The present is yours to use how you see fit. This episode is all about driving your mind into the center, creating balance, and allowing you to experience the present moment at the highest level. It’s about more than just trying to force yourself to stay in the moment and experience what is happening. It’s about learning to control the present moment with the intention of enhancing future present moments, in which you will experience more joy. You won’t always be planning for the future. The best use of a particular present may be simply relaxing and clearing your mind. It may be dealing with an issue from the past, or it may be strategizing. The point is to control your present in a way that you can intentionally use it with purpose. You design your life, design your time, design how you want to expend your limited energy, and all of that culminates to master your present experience.

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Rob Dyrdek is a Highlighted TextDo-Or-Dier. 

Rob Dyrdek is a prolific entrepreneur, and entertainer who’s found success in every arena he’s endeavored. Rob’s secret, whether skateboarding on the world’s biggest stage or performing for millions on camera has always been a steady combination of relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief. This extends to the consistent through-line of Rob’s unique career, and his single greatest passion, entrepreneurship. Rob believes there is no greater joy than turning an idea into a thriving business.