Build with Rob
August 16, 2021

Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Another group of hungry, relentless entrepreneurs proved their merit by submitting detailed pitch videos with their experience and ideas for the chance to Build With Rob. While they may not be exact fits for the Dyrdek Machine’s hyper-specific criteria (see: Welcome to the Machine) for creating a company, Rob still believes all of these founders have what it takes to be successful and wants to lend his unique point-of-view to help them keep pushing forward to achieve their dreams.

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Highlighted TextSouthern Foster, Roel Konings, James Blancher, and Dillon Sutton are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Southern Foster - After pitching a pillow with speakers inside, he’s now pivoted to the “Thrillow,” a customizable pillow with a BANG of a surprise when opened.

Roel Konings - Pitching “Kick of the Day,” a customizable shoe and leather goods decal, which has now rebranded as PopStickr.

James Blancher - The Bonsai Hunter himself has big dreams for the future of bonsai in cyberspace, but currently makes custom pots and runs his YouTube channel.

Dillon Sutton - Creator behind the TransLucid apparel brand that boasts an inclusive message and sacred geometry.