Build with Rob
November 14, 2022

Savoring Life vs. Sacrificing it for Achievement

Swinging back and forth from savor to sacrifice can be inescapable for people who are hard workers. When your personal identity is connected to your work ethic and output, and you are driven by success, you know sacrifice. Then, of course, when you have time to relax, it’s only natural to go to the other extreme. In either case, work or play, when you go too hard into one end of the spectrum, the inertia to move back to the other can take a lot of energy. It is balance and harmony that allows one to move from one to the other seamlessly without being disruptive. The other danger with these extremes, devoid of balance, is the very real possibility of getting trapped on one side or the other. Either only working or only enjoying yourself, neither of which is sustainable in the long term. The best way to maintain and grow the best version of yourself is to create that harmony and never move too far to one side for too long.

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Rob Dyrdek is a Highlighted TextDo-Or-Dier

Rob Dyrdek is a prolific entrepreneur, and entertainer who’s found success in every arena he’s endeavored. Rob’s secret, whether skateboarding on the world’s biggest stage or performing for millions on camera has always been a steady combination of relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief. This extends to the consistent through-line of Rob’s unique career, and his single greatest passion, entrepreneurship. Rob believes there is no greater joy than turning an idea into a thriving business.