Build with Rob
December 06, 2021

How to Build Qualitative Self-Awareness

What does Rob mean by “Qualitative Self-Awareness?” It’s literally as simple as asking yourself how you feel every day with respect to the most important parts of your life. Using a scale of 1 to 10, above a 5 represents increasing degrees of happiness and optimism. While the bottom half runs the risk of compounding negativity and dragging you even further down. But the first step to increasing your number and keeping it at higher levels more consistently is creating a systematic understanding of your quality of life. Only then can you begin to identify the internal and external factors that affect your rating positively or negatively and actually do something about them.

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Highlighted TextBrandon Wesig and Spencer Trotter are aspiring Do-Or-Diers

Our first guest is Brandon Wesig, who invented a device called The Neverending Defender that helps basketball players train against defense all by themselves. He wants to know the first thing entrepreneurs should look to change when not meeting their desired sales goals. He also is interested in the advice Rob would give to his younger self.

Then we have another inventor who has been incubating a product idea since his childhood and finally made it a reality. Spencer Trotter created the Anywhere Fridge, a solar-powered refrigerator for travel and locations without power. Rob opens up a whole new possibility to scale his product by suggesting he partner with charities to bring refrigeration to parts of the world lacking in power for food and medicine.