Build with Rob
March 07, 2022

Master Time to Create the Ultimate Balance

The most precious resource on earth is time. It is fleeting, nonrenewable, and depleting at an ever accelerating rate. You have two choices: One, hold on tight and go where it leads you, or two, master it. Take control of it. Increase your time efficacy within every hour of your day. Work to truly understand it, and how much you can actually accomplish. Look at time not as a whole, but in smaller, manageable blocks. Then work within each of those blocks to continuously improve your output. It sounds hard, impossible even, but once you actually start, you’ll be amazed at the results.

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Kelly Radnitzer and Travis Fussell are Highlighted Textaspiring Do-Or-Diers

Our first guest is Kelly Radnitzer, whose company HD Labs stands for Hard work and Dedication. An athletic apparel brand that’s looking to make the jump into supplements in a very crowded market, Kelly wants to know how to get the attention of major retailers without a huge marketing budget.

Travis Fussell has his hands in multiple businesses, from golf putters to his newest creation, a fully customizable ball cap. All this while maintaining his full time job. He’s got his sights set high on scaling the Rad Mod hat and moving into sports and other licensing, but Rob cautions him on spreading too thin too fast.