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February 07, 2022

Adaptogenic Beauty Brand Deon Libra Reduces Stress From The Inside Out

From tragedy can come opportunity. When Devin’s father passed from a stress induced heart attack, she found herself anxiety ridden and unable to sleep properly for years. In coping with her loss, she began experimenting with adaptogens to calm her own body and mind. Creating body butters and teas from home, she discovered a new approach to beauty from the inside out. Frustrated that Black customers seem to be an afterthought in the beauty market, she set out to create Deon Libra, a brand that caters to the naturally higher stress levels of people in her own community. With her co-founder and COO, Brit Kirkland, Devin found a home for her nascent brand at Dyrdek Machine. This episode was recorded shortly after Rob and the Deon Libra founders met in person for the first time

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Highlighted TextDevin McGhee & Brit Kirkland
are resilient Do-Or-Diers committed to a less stressed future.

Devin McGhee and Britt Kirkland are the founders of Deon Libra, an adaptogenic beauty brand formulated to support the body’s natural ability to handle stress and activate lasting healthy skin.