Build with Rob
November 08, 2021

Choose A Name for Your Brand That Connects with Its Story

In this episode, Rob makes the case for why naming your brand to connect with the value proposition of your product can give you many advantages along your business journey. In the best-case scenario, your brand name can even become a verb associated directly with your product’s output. As companies all become their own media companies, it is far more scalable to create content and thus build a customer base around a brand name that connects deeply with the very thing you as an entrepreneur are trying to introduce into the world.

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Highlighted TextTyler Boone, Timmy Wozniak, and Kevin Dunn are aspiring Do-Or-Diers.

Tyler Boone is an independent singer-songwriter with over 10million streams who created his eponymous Boone's Bourbon, a 117 proof, multi-award winning spirit. Tyler has had success but now wants to know if he should keep bootstrapping or take on capital.

Timmy Wozniak and Kevin Dunn are part of the team that built Commissioner, a new shoe brand inspired by NBA style, and named for the man who had arguably the biggest impact on catalyzing that style, the late David Stern. They’re looking to pick Rob’s brain about his experience designing shoes at DC and how to manage influencer marketing and endorsements.