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Dyrdek Machine is a venture creation studio that partners with visionary entrepreneurs. We systematically fuse art, science, and magic to create meaningful businesses that stand the test of time and impact the world.


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We are not just investors. We are co-founders who are passionate about building consumer products with Do-Or-Dier entrepreneurs. Our team provides hands-on expertise, process, and amplification to demystify the path to success.
List of companies
Street League Skateboarding
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Chemistry Holdings
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Made by Science Cannabis
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WhereTo, an Exited Dyrdek Machine Brand
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build with Rob

Build With Rob is a business variety show that gives you an inside look at Rob Dyrdek’s process for Manufacturing Amazing. Follow along as Rob and his Do-Or-Dier co-founder partners bring their visions to life.


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We build companies with Do-Or-Dier entrepreneurs. A Do-Or-Dier is a person who possesses fortitude, grit, determination, and ambition, along with a relentless work ethic and unwavering self-belief to turn their visions into reality. Do you possess the core attributes?

do or die-er. Visionary foundation.

The Do-Or-Dier Visionary Foundation (DODVF) supports non-profit organizations dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities. DODVF supports and amplifies these partner organizations through financial contributions, special programs, and our media platform. We firmly believe in the transformative power of education and view entrepreneurship as a profound vehicle for one to create their own destiny.