Who We Are

The Dyrdek Machine Mission

We are Do-or-Diers® and we want to work with people like us. We look for partners that are passionately compelled and magnetically inspiring.

Those innovators that stand out above the rest because of their expertise and their forward-thinking strategies on undiscovered opportunities. We want the creative innovators that are relentlessly consistent, honestly brilliant, and perpetually optimizing. We believe that all great brands are built by great people.

We don’t just invest our funds, we invest our time and resources. We connect and accelerate these early stage companies using our network of specialists, and proven methods to create sustainable business models.

We work with highly creative founders by providing financial and operational support to help take their ideas to the next level. For the experienced operators that need to create a sustainable brand, we offer creative, go-to-market support. We create the right foundation and strategy for each individual company to establish a clear path to predictable success.

We systematically turn passion and turn it into profit. We manufacture amazing.

Manufacturing Amazing is designing success. When you have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish and a strategic path to get there, anything is possible. By applying the key fundamental principles of this system in a methodical way, you minimize risk and create a predictable path for success. - RD

Rob Dyrdek
Founder and CEO

The relentless pursuit of his childhood dreams made Rob Dyrdek a professional athlete at 16 years old and propelled him into the world of business before most people entered college.

Surrounded by entrepreneurs in his youth, Dyrdek quickly learned the power of building brands. At 18 years old, he used that knowledge to create his first company.

This "outlier" experience helped him to develop and grow both his brands and increase the value of his brand partners as he was quickly becoming an influential professional skateboarder. By leveraging his influence and designing new concepts and ideas, he helped turn a rising footwear and apparel brand into a $500 million international company. He used that same expertise to build skate brands later in his career launching the world's first true professional skateboarding league Street League Skateboarding and a first of its kind skateboarding channel, ETN.

That same approach to brand development led him to co-create and executive produce his first television show, Rob & Big on MTV. After the success of this first show, he created Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory showcasing his Do-Or-Dier® mentality towards entrepreneurship. Constantly evolving and taking calculated risks, Dyrdek beat world records with his physical feats while continuing his endeavors, launching several new brands while structuring multi-platform integrated partnerships.

Dyrdek continued in his television success with the launch of his new production company, Superjacket. In this new role, he created Ridiculousness, yet another big hit television show, followed by hits like Nickelodeon’s Mega Life & Crashletes and CMT’s The Dude Perfect Show.

Using this expertise gained developing the intersection between business and media, he went on to not only invest in new businesses, but also help successfully amplify their brand. With his extensive knowledge, experience and insight gained over two decades of building his own intellectual properties and working with top brands around the world, he started developing the groundwork for his full-service venture studio, Dyrdek Machine.

The Dyrdek Machine represents not only the financial investment of Rob Dyrdek, but also his passion for partnering with disruptive “Do-or-Dier®” entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve sustainable success. Using his proven method for predictable success, Dyrdek works personally with his partners to help them realize their true passion and voice and turn it into a profitable, sustainable brand.

His unquenchable desire to live life to the fullest pushed him to develop a strategy for success in life, not unlike the formula he created for his venture studio. Following his life plan for happiness, balance and love while still achieving greatness in his career, Dyrdek now enjoys a fulfilling life with his family in Beverly Hills and continues to build his dream as he had not only envisioned, but designed it.