Welcome Our Newest Portfolio Company, Deon Libra

Feb 06 2022

Dyrdek Machine is thrilled to welcome our newest founders, Devin McGhee (CEO) and Brit Kirkland (COO) of Deon Libra, an adaptogenic beauty and wellness brand on a mission to reduce the negative health implications of stress and anxiety. They believe beauty starts from within, and their product line reflects that position, offering educational content for the mind, consumables for the body, and topical solutions for the skin.

The seeds of what would become Deon Libra were planted when Devin’s father unexpectedly passed away at the age of 54 from a stress-induced heart attack. Creating body butters and creams as a way to grieve and busy her mind, she realized she had created something truly special. Experimenting with adaptogens in order to calm her own stress and anxiety led to incorporating them into her products. Then by fusing her father’s middle name, Deon, with his zodiac sign, Libra, a brand with deep meaning intrinsic to its creation was born.

As Devin continued her research, she read sleep studies that indicated that Black people deal with a higher level of stress from a variety of environmental and societal factors, and do not rest as well as their white counterparts. Already grossly underrepresented in the beauty market, she decided to gear her brand initially toward serving people who looked like her and who may have a more unique idea of what wellness means to them than is traditionally considered mainstream.

When Devin and Brit began looking for partners to help launch their brand, it led them to Dyrdek Machine and a conversation with Rob that changed everything. Rob knew early on that they were true Do-Or-Diers who had already powered through adversity and were primed with the right idea, the right attitude, and the right skillsets to disrupt the beauty and wellness space in an important and meaningful way.

The partnership moved fast. So fast, in fact, that the first time the pair and their new partner met in person was at the Do-Or-Dier Foundation launch event at the Dyrdek Machine offices after the deal was already done. The next day, they recorded a fun and heartfelt episode of Build With Rob, which is available below.

This is only the beginning of what will certainly be an incredible journey. Follow Deon Libra’s progress toward launch at www.deonlibra.com