Outstanding Foods’ PigOut Chips Featured in Forbes

Feb 15 2019
Outstanding Foods' PigOut Chips Featured in Forbes

Next month, Dyrdek Machine Portfolio company Outstanding Foods will take PigOut chips to stores nationwide!

A recent article in Forbes spread the news giving Outstanding Foods a double thumbs up for creating a pigless, bacon-tasting, plant-based snack for consumers.

The article raves about the many ways to enjoy PigOut chips, whether as a game day snack, a bacon substitute in a BLT, or even crumbling the chips to sprinkle on top of a hearty salad, it’s clear that the public can’t wait to get their hands on more.

The fact that PigOut chips are quite healthy too only makes them more appealing. Made from mushrooms, safflower/sunflower oil, sea salt and plant-based components, PigOut chips have zero cholesterol, 69% less sodium and 73% less fat than actual cooked bacon.

Check out the whole article here and keep an eye out for PigOut chips hitting stores in March!