Outstanding Foods launches as one of the newest healthy snacks at 7-Eleven

Aug 21 2020

7-Eleven is changing up its snack game and is promoting some up-and-coming healthy snack brands at a subset of stores. On Tuesday 7-Eleven will launch the second renewal of its Sips & Snacks initiative, a program that brings a different mix of products into 7-Eleven locations and provides launching pads for small and emerging food brands. This year’s batch includes Dyrdek Machine Portfolio Company Outstanding Foods PigOut pigless pork rinds. More than 750 companies applied to pitch at 7-Eleven’s annual emerging brand showcase that took place last fall, and 65 companies participated in the “show and taste” expo to be considered for the 2020 program. The products will be test driven in 200 locations in the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas and depending on sales performance the brands can be launched regionally and nationally.  

On your next road trip make sure to stop at your local 7-Eleven and pick up some Outstanding Foods PigOut pigless pork rinds. 

Find out more at: https://cnn.it/2YngMh