Introducing Lusso Cloud

Jan 29 2021

At the end of 2020, we launched our newest brand, Lusso Cloud. The brand is off and running, but you’re not running in a pair of Lusso’s. These slippers are here to bring you to Comfort Nirvana. 

Lusso Cloud Slippers

The idea for Lusso came from Jon Buscemi and Rob Dyrdek who are longtime friends that had always dreamt of creating a footwear brand together. After an inspiring encounter outside of Jon’s Soho office, where he bumped into a friend wearing a pair of waffle hotel slippers — the type you’ll find next to your bed at select 5-star hotels — Jon sensed he had something. Jon had always loved this style of slippers; he wore them often while traveling, but it was the ease and confidence in the way his friend wore the hotel slippers that led Jon to reimagine the iconic slipper. 

The next time Rob and Jon met, Jon brought in a hotel slipper. The sample set the tone for the Lusso Cloud style, but we felt there was a greater opportunity to develop a holistic comfort brand. We decided to lead with a range of waffle footwear every bit as comfortable as those upscale hotel slippers, but with the quality craftsmanship needed to stand up to the day-to-day grind of city streets. We were ready to change the comfort game forever. 

Shop the Lusso collection here.