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Rob Dyrdek on the Ed Mylett Show: A Relentless Pursuit

This month Dyrdek Machine Founder Rob Dyrdek shares a personal, compelling, and inspiring conversation with entrepreneur and business expert Ed Mylett on the Ed Mylett show.

In the hour plus interview, Dyrdek recounts the most thrilling and also challenging aspects of his multi-faceted life thus far. He covers it all from his early days of dropping out of high school to pursue professional skateboarding, to becoming the “face of MTV”, to the process of creating Dyrdek Machine. He even talks about perhaps his most precious achievement to date, becoming a husband and a father.

Mylett and Dyrdek discuss their similar philosophies on life as well, including recipes for self-growth and progress, and how to effectively face setbacks. Dyrdek notes that over the years he’s learned to embrace his own growth, believing that the key factors of his success have been his relentless pursuit and personal drive. The authentic interview is full of valuable takeaways about family life, his passion for building brands, and how he systematizes his energy to be the best version of himself.

You can dig deeper into Dyrdek’s philosophy and catch the whole convo here.