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NBA All-Star Jrue Holiday Joins Momentous

NBA All-Star, philanthropist, and ultimate family man Jrue Holiday is now a Momentous Athlete.

Jrue got refreshingly personal in a recent Q&A with the Momentous team, covering the challenges he faces both on and off the court, how he stays inspired, and the role that faith plays in his life.

The 28-year-old New Orleans Pelicans guard sure has been pushed to the limit in recent years. From countless injuries, raising a baby girl, and supporting his wife Lauren through surviving Cancer.

But Jrue’s warrior mentality and commitment to his health seems to have helped him not only cope with everything life’s thrown at him, but rise above it all nonetheless. Eating clean continues to be a personal priority for him and his whole family.  A true Momentous fan, his favorite is the ArcFire Veracruz Vanilla – a necessary part of his everyday cool-down routine.

Learn more about Jrue by heading over to the Momentous blog for the full Q&A.