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Foundr Cover Feature: From Pro Skateboarder to Running a Brand-Building Empire, With Rob Dyrdek of Dyrdek Machine

Foundr is the go-to digital resource for the growing ranks of craft, self-made entrepreneurs – at every level of experience. Foundr showcases the stories of today’s most successful entrepreneurs through a global community that includes over 173 countries,  250,000 subscribers, and over 1 million podcast listeners. Foundr magazine sat down with Rob to learn about his journey to creating a brand-building machine, Dyrdek Machine.

Excerpt from the article: 

It’s clear that, as passionate as Rob Dyrdek is about building businesses, he’s just as passionate about building up entrepreneurs. And after all these years, the rush of making it all work is still thrilling to him.

“The joy and the passion is putting all those pieces together in the beginning,” he says. “There’s never one time that it ever gets old to me. The moment there’s a single transaction when someone buys another thing that you’ve built for the first time, it’s the most incredible feeling, each and every time. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The core traits Dyrdek looks for when investing in businesses and entrepreneurs
  • What his “core to more” philosophy is and how it contributes to a company’s longevity
  • Dyrdek’s many business successes (and failures) and what he learned from each

For the full article & podcast:  Foundr