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Latest News

Chemistry Holdings To Be Acquired by CURE Pharmaceutical

2019 continues to be an exciting year for our Dyrdek Machine Portfolio companies. Our Portfolio company Chemistry Holdings Inc. is set to be acquired in an all-stock transaction by CURE Pharmaceutical, an innovative drug delivery and development company.

CURE is a developer and manufacturer of the patented and proprietary delivery system CUREfilm™, which is one of the most advanced oral thin film on the market today. Chemistry Holdings’ formulation technology is a perfect match for the platform as it includes a novel chewable delivery system, nanoemulsions, microemulsions, microcapsules, and taste masking solutions. Adding this technology to the CUREfilm™ platform will expand it for both immediate and controlled-release drug delivery.

Chemistry Holdings Founder Joshua Held is excited about the opportunity. “The drug delivery market is poised for tremendous growth and bringing our expertise into the CURE family will only expedite the speed in which we will be able to deliver breakthrough medical treatments to the world.”

Rob Davidson, CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical, shared his enthusiasm as well. “This transaction will create a pioneering drug delivery engine with the promise to transform patient experience and wellness. We believe that our combined talent, technology and capital will allow us to execute our business goals rapidly.”

You can find more of the transaction details in the press release here.